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It all began from the same place, a desire to get more out of doing what all cannabis enthusiasts love. Sitting in a bar in Amsterdam after the chaos of the 2014 Cannabis cup the founders of Mega Buds were talking about some of the great strains that had been on show. There were of course some disagreements on which had the better taste, high and smoothness etc. But one thing that came up time and time again was the yield of the varieties on offer; and how much you could get from most strains in general.Almost all breeders, right across the world will give you an idea of what you can get from a plant but even in near perfect conditions, they never quite live up to expectation. This got them thinking – Just how big can a normal grower get a cannabis plant, without sacrificing quality? From that simple question a breed of monsters was born.



It’s really simple: If you are investing time, money and your passion into growing, you want the maximum return. That means you want massive yields of top quality buds; hey, so do we. Since day one our goal has been to find the best genetic lines and bring them to their full size potential. Using the classic stock of the early 90’s Big Bud, Critical Mass and Super Skunk, as well as the latest hybrid varieties from Europe the US and Canada, its only ever been about 2 things: The best quality with the biggest yield.

We are the Yield Kings and there is no one in the business that does it better.



The two partners that started with this simple idea, knew it was achievable. Having both been long time lovers of Cannabis between them they have had over 20 yrs experience in cultivating and breeding.

Christian, or Chris as he much prefers (he is only called Christian when he is in trouble!) started his cannabis journey at 19 when travelling through Europe. At the time Holland was still the place to be for anyone that was anyone in the business and the bright lights of Amsterdam beckoned. After working in some of the best coffeshops in the city he got to know some of the commercial operations that supplied the insatiable desire of the 3 million+ people that visit the coffeshops each year. He started off simply as a delivery guy, spending most of his time on his battered old moped zipping between suppliers and shops. Within 6 months he was working on a couple of the larger grows that kept the supply chain moving. It was here that he first began to take a real interest in the genetics and breeding that makes a truly great strain. After 5 years in Holland, Chris had the chance to move to Spain where much of the major production had begun to move to as the Dutch Lawmakers had begun to take a more restrictive view of his favourite plant.

In northern Spain on a farm of only 7 acres he began to work on some of the cornerstone strains that have now become the backbone of the Mega Buds range, that was 2014 and only 3 months before he met Liam in that great little bar…. Liam is the more senior of the two (which he loves to remind the guys of regularly) and he started off on his own, growing at home in the Western US. One of the early medical licence holders his introduction to Marijuana was from a more medical point of view, but the desire for bigger yields was always at the forefront of his mind. There is nothing worse than running out of meds! Because getting hold of mother plants of older more classic lines was not an option, Liam started from the ground up. Using cuttings from friends and even bagseed on occasion, he became a master at pheno hunting and keeping anything that was unique alive and strong. As the patient scene began to grow more established and a new wave of independent breeders hit the market with outstanding new genetics, his breeding program expanded. Getting out to the big events was a real bonus where he began to become more involved with MMJ collectives that were just a keen to see quality but more importantly, yield increase. After meeting up with Chris and knowing that he had found the most likeminded guy he knew, they set about getting together the results of their hard work, and the rest is history!


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